Batman V Superman – Sad Affleck

Anyone with 1/3 of a brain figured that Batman V Superman was going to suck.

Zack Snyder is crappy director and Man Of Steel was an apocalyptic abortion.

The early reviews for Batman V Superman are out and they are not good.

Dash Swordslash And The Defenders Of Everything (Best 80s Cartoon Intro Ever)

This is important.

It means something.

The greatest 80’s cartoon mashup ever.

The twist ending that turns it into a commerical for Scientology is genius.

Whoever made this deserves a huge high-five.

The Best Skateboarder In The World (Seriously, Just Watch This)

Richie Jackson’s “Death Skateboards” Part

I’d never heard of this guy until I saw this clip of his street skating posted on Facebook earlier this week.

But he is far and away the best skateboarder I’ve seen in a long time.

He is tricks are the biggest and craziest in the world. But all of them in this clip really inventive and original.

In pretty much every trick he does the exact opposite of what you expect him to do once his body or skateboard leave the ground.

This guy’s skateboarding is pure genius.

We should all strive to leave our lives and do our work like this guy skates.

Skeletor’s Best Insults From He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe

Skeletor was a dick and the worst super villain boss to have ever if you were one of his henchmen.

But his burns were on pretty much on fleek. #respect

Believe In Yourself

Ginger hairspray fire in mirror.

No obstacle (not even capturing shirtless fire using a digital camera from 2003) is insurmountable if you try your best!

Go out there and get some serious shit done today!

R-Rated Toy Review – Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Heroes Figure Set

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In this episode I review and the Fisher-Price Imaginext DC  Super Friends Heroes Figure Set.

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How To Lose A Job Because You Are A Dork – Windshield Confessional Car Vlog

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Windshield Confessional is a video blog where I drive around Southern California talking about whatever is on my mind. Kind of like a crazy homeless person but with a car around me.

In this episode I talk about missing out on “cool” writing jobs because I was a lame, boring loser in real-life.

The New BEN-HUR Trailer Looks Like A Steaming Pile Of Monkey Turds

Talk about a pile of crap that nobody was asking to be made.

This trailer sounds and plays out like video game intro and series of cut scenes… except way less compelling.

Why can’t we just focus as a soceity on putting out 6 or 7 new Star Wars movies (a Boba Fett trilogy, origin stories for all major and minor characters, side mission movies, remaking Eps 1, 2 & 3, Lego versions of all these movies) a year and stop wasting resources on garbage like remakes from movies that we hits in the 1950’s.

Seriously, how much better would something like this be:

Star Wars: The New Republic Anthology / Boba Fett Solo Movie (Fan-made Trailer)

Podcasts Are Stupid – Ep 13 – The Secret To Life, Coffee Freakout, What Porn Actually Smells Like & More

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On this episode of Podcasts Are Stupid:

  • The secret of life is revealed
  • Missing out on jobs because I was dorky-looking in person
  • Why it’s okay to be considered uncool by douchey people
  • A friend visits a porno movie set and is disappointed
  • Dan’s son continues to destroy his home, life and sanity
  • A comedian friend goes full emo teenager on Twitter
  • The internet is asked questions and then answers

Raddest Bike Flip Ever To Lamest Backflip Ever

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Hey, Little Icaraus, careful that your emo bangs don’t get in your eyes when you’re flying up next to that sun.

The highest of highs and lowest of lows. All in under 11 seconds. #bikeflipkid #zerotoheroandback